Schalk van Heerden

My vision for the future

I support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We must solve the most critical issues of our time within this generation. Doing anything else is a distraction.

Software Engineering Leadership

Process Driven

Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud and Mobile Integration

About me

I am formally trained in Chemical Engineering from North-West University and Control Engineering from the University of Pretoria. During my career, I have worked with multidisciplinary teams in the power generation industry, designing water treatment plants (WTP). I focused on these design activities in the first half of my career.I have always been fascinated by the cloud and its ability to expand the reach and scale of your design tools and marketing potential. Thus, in the second half of my career, I devoted my attention to detailed Software Engineering design for IoT alarm systems.For my next career phase, I plan to solve specific automation and design problems to address the Sustainable Development Goals.We need to create a net zero energy world. The consequence of inaction is dust.

Ideas for the future


People, Process, Product & Platform

I revisited, among many other classical modelling methods, the use of Flowcharts, UML (Unified Modelling Language), SysML (Systems Modelling Language), ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram) and PFD (Process Flow Diagram) in software and process engineering and have incorporated it into a new philosophy called P4 for People, Process, Product & Platform.Unlocking a pathway to greater efficiency, effectiveness, and user-friendliness, PFDIO empowers you to visualise your problem with unparalleled intuition and seamlessness. Curious about the impact it can make on your projects? Dive in and witness the transformative difference.

In the grand evolution of software engineering, we stand on the shoulders of giants. As we stretch the boundaries of what's possible, humanity embraces a partnership with AI systems to amplify our craft. Amidst this ongoing progress, PFDIO stands out as a leader in innovation, promoting human creativity as its core value and building on postmodernist ideas. Offering a pristine diagramming canvas, developers, engineers, strategists, and students can unite to continue innovating and bringing their wildest ideas to life.

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